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R&D department has established on 2014 to produce our own designed products and become a co-designer for OEM’s under VADEN brand which a registered brand name for worldwide. Beside designing our products which a reciprocating machine require high mechanical sensitiveness, many components, functions and whole assembled system operational ability should be validated and verified. Therefore, our mission has continued with projects which are realized with metrology, metallography, dynamic-static test and creating R&D infrastructure.

Highly qualified employment and training is continued with the conscious of that our most valuable source is human. Our team has supported for MSc and PhD studies, so our corporation has continued widely. We already have partnerships with Selçuk, Necmettin Erbakan, İstanbul, TOBB Ekonomi-Teknoloji and TOBB Karatay Universities together with Teknokent and Innopark.

We have granted an international project which going to create very important experience in addition to already supported TUBİTAK national projects. Investments has done for designing, test and validation of our products either own designed performance test bench or metallography laboratory. Some of software simulation programs like Ansys Mechanical-CFD, Magma Casting, advanced powertrain dynamic analysis (FEV, AVL), Dewesoft and NX Nastran are being used effectively together whole facility requirements.

We are still negotiating with some OEM’s and Tier-1 suppliers, and new projects are being studied and investments are improved in order to answer new requirements and developments of the market. We do validations both in lab and on vehicle together with dynamical and static experiments after tightly measured by dimensional, metallographic, chemical and mechanical properties. R&D has located on for hundreds square meter closed area and intended to expand with developing projects.