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Customer satisfaction ranks in priority for us, in serving automotive sector. We believe that the key point for providing customer satisfaction and preserving its’ continuity is making no concessions on total quality principle. Therefore, producing in intended quality and time frame by using the optimum sources at once, striving for increasing of productivity day by day, keeping our customers and our employees satisfied, our sensitivity in choosing suppliers and adopting our quality principles to our suppliers are the most important goals for our quality principle. In quality control process performed within YILDIZ PUL company, there are used some sensitive measuring devices; i.e, 3D CMM, Contour Measuring Station, surface roughness measuring device and profile projector. According to increased production ,2 more 3D CMM and Contour Measuring Station were be invested. The measurements mentioned above are carried out by our qualified personnel, punctiliously. YILDIZ PUL has registered its care for the quality with the quality management system that is certificated with ISO/TS 16949:2009 and TS EN ISO 9001:2008.