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Our company sustains the manufacturing of the products that are exported to the four corners of the world, with punctiliously chosen, sensitive and high performance CNC workbenches.

In our machining department, there are 40 CNC horizontal machining centers, FMS System with 24 table 10 CNC tapping centers, 2 CNC Vertical Machining Center, 15 multiaxial sliding automats, 16 CNC lathes(12 of them are C and Y axial), 84 machines in total including CNC Honing Machine. Beside these Robot systems is being planned according to the Industry 4.0 start from Machining Line.

The manufacturing with suitable workbenches for modern hydrolic fixtures and high cutoff regimes develops with the unity of man power and advanced technology in each of the production steps. Thus, we focused on the minimum fail, maximum quality principle.